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Wait, wait, wait.... You telling me in America, [A] a supposed "crime" which is neither 1) reported - nor even 2) confirmed BY A VICTIM (but even DENIED by the supposed victim on video tape) - AND [B] NO TRIAL to even verify that any of this is even real - a court can seize, destroy and assign management of the property and financial apparatus of the supposed elderly VICTIM - With NO pursuit and punishment of the supposed "abusers"!!!!!!!!!???

Very long sentence. Very deep thought. If it's not grammatically magnificent - so what :) A Jay Jackson moment here. But - in a single sentence - this is the EVIL strategy being used against my dear Mother. Very Devious. Very Discrete.

No criminals. No victim. No Trial. No evidence presented. No Testimony. Just straight PLUNDER of the elderly under the guise of "protecting" them. Absolutely Amazing.

What is REALLY going on here??? How does THAT work???? FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!!!! (Elderly Black Lady had it first - Whose spending it now??? hahahah) If they don't care about pursuing these supposed "abusers" - then they don't really care about the abuse either. This is just another way to prey on elderly Black women the same way they were the PRIMARY targets of the Preditory loans. All they want is the money. Well, this is the cousin of that beast, and is called Predatory Probate. Different year. Different technique. SAME target. OUR Mommas - or probably Mommas of ANY color they can prey upon. But most definitely - and historically - "OURS".

A social worker at the temporary rehabilitation facility I chose for my Mother made accusations regarding financial "abuse" of my mother. NO evidentiary hearing was ever had requiring the accuser to provide proof of their claims - or allow the accused to dispute such claims. My Mother - the supposed "victim" - wasn't even present to hear ANY of it OR EVEN confirm that any such abuse even ocurred. In actuality she will readily deny it,and has consistantly expressed her objections to his appointment as her Guardian/Conservator - and has done so on video tape which the Massah's office has in its posession. They KNOW the TRUTH - but just went on their merry way proceeding to take over and divy up control of my Mother's total estate. YEAH, got us another one!!!

FURTHERMORE: Both of the named accused had been granted Power of Attorney, and were entrusted and obligated to handle my Mother's affairs. Did they think she was going to handle her banking and bill payments through carrier pigeon? Of COURSE, Black folk are too stupid to handle their own affairs, and if a BLACK MALE is seen handling a financial transaction with an elderly person - he MUST be doing something shady. Do they report abuse when White families handle business affairs with their loved ones in the home???? Are THEIR estates seized??? Or are WE just special - as USUAL???

CLEARLY, this was a situation where a wise Black woman had a system in place to handle her needs the way SHE planned. But, alas... that is not what THEY wanted to see.

Even after learning that Mom already had arrangements in place to handle her affairs in the event of incapacitation - the judge still forced a for-profit Guardian and Conservator on her against her will. She turned my mom's estate over to this scoundrel john munger to "handle" - as both Guardian and conservator! A whole new slave capture. He didn't bother to pay her electrical bills and her pipes burst. When my mom questioned this in court - and present pages of color pictures - this witch made excuses for the attorney and blew off the whole concern. She said that there was no money to pay her bills with. The pipes burst in January- they seized her accounts last July! My mom never had a hearing, then the witch then dismissed my mom's chosen attorney - leaving her defenseless.

IF there were a trial, someone would have to swear under oath and prove their accusations - or risk perjury by lying. They want to avoid a trial at any cost. THEY REALIZED THE MESSED UP BAD. Their case was based upon a very tragic misunderstanding. All they had to do was ASK. SO.... they got a court appointed "independent" psychiatric professional to declare her MENTALLY INCOMPETENT. No need to waste time chasing "abusers" or hearing from victims anymore.

We asked if we could get an outside psychiatric professional's diagnosis. judge kathleen ryan AGREED. We did - after a lot of trouble arranging it. It was highly positive. It was submitted - and was never evaluated or mentioned in the court proceeding. TOTAL TRICK BAG.

NO trial - and a hostile takeover in absentia without even the supposed victim in the court room. As Guardian/Conservator, munger was responsible for seeing that Mom was transported to the hearings related to the disposition of her estate. Neither did he arrange for her transportation - nor even show up himself at subsequent hearings. He sent an underling who simply said "attorney munger didn't think she needed to be here" This is a direct violation of law regarding the rights of parties to attend a hearing related to THEIR estate. He knows my Mother wants nothing to do with him. SO, he was even willing to break the law to keep her - and the TRUTH - out of the court room. Supposedly working for HER interests - but only working for his own. Can anybody say Breach of Fiduciary?????? ONLY when I made it known to the court that my Mother did NOT waive her right to be present for the proceeding was this treachery revealed. The ABSOLUTE wickedness of these people is mind bending.

the "honorable" kathleen ryan (lack of capitalization intended) at office no: 248-858-0250, is a pompous, arrogant, lazy and contemptible, racist WITCH. She has NO respect for the elderly, the law, or those seeking REAL justice in her court room. If you want to find a place to effectively hide the truth, kathleen ryan's court is the best place on Earth! My first and DIRECT message to judge kathleen ryan - in exercise of my FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT:

"If you're going to disrespect - smart mouth - and trample the rights of someone - AND his Momma too, perhaps you should choose someone considerably less intelligent and far less articulate, you stupid low-life skank."


I believe in TRUTH and I believe in LOVE, and for the LOVE of my Dearest Mother I will destroy this EVIL by exposing the TRUTH.

- Jay Jackson