In this video, Mom responds to the notion that she is a victim of abuse and CLEARLY states who she feels is her REAL abuser.

Mom responds to the filing of this Petition For Conservatorship over her estate in OAKLAND COUNTY when she lives in WAYNE COUNTY!!!

In this video, Mom ARTICULATELY reads the Guardian Ad Litem's letter describing her as weak, feeble and "unable to communicate her needs" All LIES, from each "appointed" player - in collusion - to be able to steal her estate.

In this video, Mom CLEARLY states that she feels that the "services"of attorney john munger are being FORCED upon her - and that she wants this entire situation "REVERSED" Who is REALLY engaging in SENIOR ABUSE?????????

Mom responds and expresses her sentiments to attorney john munger attempting to charge me rent for guarding Mom's house.

In this video, I am speaking with James M. Cassidy, owner of CMC Estates (property & estate management) sent by munger - against Mom's wishes. After spending 4-5 hours gardening, chopping down trees, and generally running up an unnecessary bill, he posts an eviction notice for me on her door from munger, in retaliation against me for opposing his IMPOSITION over my Mother's affairs. I meet James with high-def video camera rolling and informed him of my Mother's RIGHTS and the Law! Jimmy can be reached at : 313.410.4616 or jcassidy@cmcestates.net or fax: 313.557.6027

Tell him where you saw him on video

- and give him this web address.

James M. Cassidy committing FRAUD and ARMED ROBBERY by removing all contents from a house where my name is on the deed without any permission from the owners - my Mother and myself. He said he was only there to remove "Things that are damaged - waterlogged..." (DESTROYING EVIDENCE of the imposed conservator's negligence by not paying the heat bill and allowing the pipes to burst destroying 1/3 of the home. SEE pictures here.) - but instead removed EVERYTHING - then sold the house!! Neither my Mother nor I received EVEN A PENNY from the sale of OUR house or its contents. NOTICE THE EXTRA BULLET CLIP ON HIS LEFT HIP!!!!!!!